Chicken al a King, Without The Chicken

The challenge was to create a mock food, try a recipe for something that isn’t what it sounds like.  Common examples are mock turtle soup made with a calf’s head and mock apple pie made with crackers.

For this  Historical Foods Fortnightly challenge, we found a tasty recipe for mock chicken al a King in the Lake Placid News, June 17, 1932.  News of the day included the Regents testing schedule, freckle contest winner, and a how the divorce rate in the North Country was higher in 1931.

Mock chicken al a King was found on page 7.  This same recipe and the accompanying article were found in The North Countryman., May 26, 1932,  The Medina daily journal and Medina Register., June 01, 1932, and The Patchogue Advance., June 03, 1932. It was interesting to note that the same recipe ran in two newspapers three years earlier: The Medina Daily Journal., July 11, 1929 and The Adirondack News., August 17, 1929.


Recipe was very easy to follow and was very tasty.  Since it did not have a recommendation on what to serve with the chicken al a King, we opted for egg noodles.

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Time: about 3 hours

Cost: about $8 (not including chicken feed)

Successful: Somewhat, thought it could use a bit more Worcestershire sauce

Accurate: somewhat, used Portobello mushrooms since they were in the refrig. as was the local Jersey Girl cheese that we used instead of the grated American cheese.  And wasn’t sure about the Spanish olives, used the green olives stuffed with. pimentos – maybe that was right?