A Summer Roast

On July 19, 1917 The Honeoye Falls Times reported that the US was readying for the draft of soldiers to enter the Great War but the details of which were still being finalized. Front page news also reported on the locations of hydrants for area firefighters, regional New York news, and the program for the band concert on July 21, 1917. Honeoye Falls is a small town in western New York, about 33 miles (53 kilometers) south of Rochester.

On page 4, flank steak roast, rhubarb tapioca, and bean croquettes were the recipes featured for the summer recipe.

We tried the flank steak roast. When we started, we didn’t realize the steak was stuffed with bread crumbs, so, for the first time in many years, we purchased a loaf of white bread which we dried in the oven to make the bread crumbs. Because the steak came from grass-fed beef, we tenderized the meat before pounding it with our improvised meat mallet – a wooden mallet that was in the tool drawer.

The stuffing proved easy to make once we realized we needed bread crumbs for the base. Roasted the meat for a hour at 350oF which seemed like just the right length of time.


While it looked neat when it was cut, the roast did not have a lot of flavor for the 21st century palate. Half of us enjoyed it; the other did not and had wished he remembered the bottle of Worcestershire sauce that was sitting in the cupboard.

Time: about 4 hours (due to drying the bread in the oven)

Cost: about $18 (used local grass-fed beef)

Successful: 50/50

Accurate: Yes