They Were Pretty As A Picture

Hum, the challenge is Pretty As A Picture “make a dish that looks just as spectacular as it tastes.” Oh now this is a challenge. While making tasty food is one thing, making a spectacular presentation with that food is, well, another thing. I tend towards the utilitarian side of things, including how food is served up. The most decorating of food I will do is a stray sprig of parsley in some mashed potatoes or something equally as simple. I’m more about how the food tastes than how it looks on the plate. While I personally don’t do much food presentation, I always admire the creativity that others have with their food presentations.

So this was an especially interesting challenge, come up with something simple that I can tweak into an interesting presentation. For some reason the cheery yellow of deviled eggs popped into my head as I was thinking about the challenge. Headed back to New York Historic Newspapers and found a simple deviled egg recipe from the South New Berlin Bee., August 2, 1940. South New Berlin is a hamlet in the rural farming town of New Berlin. It is located about 40 minutes west of Cooperstown. True it is rural roots, the front page of the South New Berlin Bee featured local news including local baseball scores and county fair news. International news was found on page two it included a funny article about a speech that Hitler gave.

South New Berlin bee., August 02, 1940. p 6

Couldn’t resist trying the deviled egg recipe on page 6 using the eggs from our backyard chickens.  That devil graphic is great!


Time: about 3 hours

Cost: about $5 (not including chicken feed)

Successful: Yes! We both really enjoyed them

Accurate: Yes