Simple Meal During Troubled Times

One can imagine the relieve the war-weary residents of Port Jervis, New York, (a small city on the Delaware River near the New Jersey – Pennsylvania border) felt when they sat down to read their copy of the Evening Gazette on Saturday November 2, 1918 – the front page headlines told it all:

Kaiser Charles Quits Vienna,
Turkey agrees to Conditions, and
Over 1,000 Square Miles of Italy is Conquered.

The Evening Gazette, November 02, 1918, Page 1, accessed from NYS Historic Newspapers

One can image that they were also relieved to read the letter home from a wounded soldier and that in the nearby Pennsylvania community of Matamoras, the flu quarantine had been lifted, and churches and schools would be opening on Monday.













Meat and Spud
The Evening Gazette, November 02, 1918, page 14, accessed from NYS Historic Newspapers

Tucked on the last page was the recipe for Minced Beef with Potato Border. This simple entree was similar to Sheppard’s pie, with the mashed potatoes serving as a border to the chopped meat center.




This 2016 version followed the 1918 recipe nearly exactly; the only difference was that the beef was cooked just prior to assembly. The beef was simmered in a little water to get the required beef stock.

While it was a tasty, simple meal, modern cooks might add garlic, Worcestershire sauce, or mustard to enhance the flavor of the meat.

Cost : about $6.50 – US


Author: newsiechef

Hi, Welcome to my exploration of newspaper recipes. My curiosity about newspaper recipes started during library science graduate school. During that time I was fortunate to have a job at a state library. One aspect of my job was to look at microfilm copies of historic newspapers to be sure all of the pages were in order and to check that no editions were missing from the microfilm before they headed off to get digitized. Looking at these historic newspapers made me realize that newspapers are a great source of lots of information, including tasty recipes. Hope that you too get a chance to try a recipe or two from historic newspapers.

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