Mining Newspaper Recipes

Pages Available: 4,810,874 Westfield Republican., April 03, 1918, Page 3, Image 3,
Cornmeal Bread recipe from Westfield Republican., April 03, 1918

For centuries newspapers have been helping us become better cooks. During lean times, they have given us recipes that stretch our food budgets; during abundant times, they have provided recipes for new and unusual ingredients. This blog will feature recipes found in the New York State Historic Newspapers.  This online database includes newspapers from 1795, Otego Herald, to the present day.

Along the way, we will also feature “news of the day,” the day the newspaper was published.


Author: newsiechef

Hi, Welcome to my exploration of newspaper recipes. My curiosity about newspaper recipes started during library science graduate school. During that time I was fortunate to have a job at a state library. One aspect of my job was to look at microfilm copies of historic newspapers to be sure all of the pages were in order and to check that no editions were missing from the microfilm before they headed off to get digitized. Looking at these historic newspapers made me realize that newspapers are a great source of lots of information, including tasty recipes. Hope that you too get a chance to try a recipe or two from historic newspapers.

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